KeyBank® Key Control Systems

KeyBank is a total key management system that offers reliable access and control. Keys are securely stored in hi-tech cabinets that expand from 48 to 2000 keys to meet your dealership's key control requirements.

Use KeyBank in new & used car dealerships, service departments and rental car fleets. This well-tested system will help you to:

  • Never lose a sale because you can't find the keys

  • Eliminate key and remote replacement costs

  • Eliminate the mess and hassles of pegboards and lock boxes

  • Dramatically reduce liabilities for theft and possibly reduce your floor plan insurance premiums

  • Reduce or eliminate mystery mileage and damage

  • Check the status and location of your vehicle inventory in real time, any time

  • Analyze vehicle demo histories to find slow movers

  • Analyze sales force performance on demos

  • Create audit trails

  • Protect assets

Stand Alone or Networked

Dealerships love the versatility of KeyBank. The system can stand alone or interface with the dealership's PC, network or in-house system.

KeyBank is also modular so that you add units as needed. Because the system is wall-mounted, KeyBank doesn't take up much room and frees up valuable floor space.


KeyBank delivers detailed reports to help you track and control keys. The Vehicle Inventory Report helps you determine vehicle status, gives you real time location of vehicles and helps you analyze fast/slow movers and evaluate your sales force.

The Vehicle History report shows you how many times each car is demo'd, helps you track car mileage, and indicates who has driven which car and when.

With the Employee History Report, you can analyze the number of demo drives, determine the effectiveness of your sales team and know how many vehicles each employee has out on loan.


  • No computer required

  • 125 - 2,000 key capacity

  • 32" x 32" x 7.5" cases

  • Wall mounted

  • Expand up to 10 cabinets per KeyBank

  • Report generator

  • 72-hour battery backup

  • 1/8" stainless steel tamper-proof Smart Keys

  • 18-gauge steel

  • 330 lb. Medeco pick lock

  • 300-lb pick resistant plate

  • Built-in backlight display

  • Multiple entry access options:

    • Keypad

    • Biometric fingerprint reader

    • Magnetic card reader

    • Proximity card reader

    • Hand geometry reader